Thursday, November 22, 2012


Welcome to EVil TWin where my sister and I blog about the good the bad and plain old WTF of fashion. Visit weekly to get your dish of all things ladies love,  clothes, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup. You'll also find plenty of  fashion tragedies! So this blog is dedicated to all our fellow fashion-holics! We know you're out there! Those of you who's lunch breaks consist of online shopping from your Mac as well as your iPhone! Those of you with   hundreds of ShopStyle alerts and e-mails flooded with online only sale codes!     TA-DA! You've found the right place! we are happily slaves of fashion also! Shopping is our fix, if you will.  We also want to help those who don't quite have that fashion eye. We know you're out there with your flesh colored leggings and over sized top, and who told you it was cool to wear those boots with that? Sorry, that was the EVil TWin coming out. When the EVil TWin comes out beware! 

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