Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beat Face

Now EVil TWin loves make up just as much as the next Bad chick . the pure sexiness of black mascara, the fun of lip color, and just the right amount of blush to look flirty. Make up can set any outfit off ,but a bad face is just that, BAD! Nobody wants to see a Rupaul's drag race contestant sitting at the next cubicle, especially before their morning Joe. eek! Listen, if someone says "Girl your face is beat!" unless you just lost a fight don't be to quick to take that as a compliment. Keep it simple stupid! If it takes a hour to do, it's overdone. Ding! take that bird out the oven. This goes for those hideous fake lashes too. Your lashes shouldn't look like tarantulas glued to your eyelids with Elmer's glue.  So, ladies don't get caught out there with these make up atrocities..remember EVil TWin is watching ...
is that Blush or beat down?
Eye Shadow can go Cindy Lauper in an EVil minute!

Check out this killer clown
Nothing says self hatred like this one.Pick YOUR complexion ladies!


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