Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hey there hope you've been devilishly fabulous through all the holiday parties!! we know you have. We too have been decking the halls  with bounds of  fashion stares ...and spotting evil Fashion everywhere. But there's still one more party left!   Its almost 2013 and Evil Twin is preparing for the  new year with great things to come.  However we must address the fake Fendi in the room! Seems like lately everyone is profiting off of someone else's work. Trending now are Fashion designer logos reworked or should I say remixed and people are drooling for them. These styles were caught on the streets and on celebrities like Rihanna , A$AP Rocky and Jim Jones. check the looks out here. Are they HoT or just plain Knock offs??? From Designers Like NYCPARIS, Better Off Dead, Brian Lichtenberg and

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get Fall fashion 2012 looks from the runway to your closet for less.

Alice + Olivia

Geo Stripe Placement Tee  $36 -

Stripe Print Jeans by J.W. Anderson for Topshop  $60 -

Kenzo Kenzo x Vans Print Sneakers $75  -

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick, Black Plum  $19 -

Marc Jacobs 

Warehouse Faux Leather Pleated Skirt, Black  $64 -
Grey To The Black Graphic Print Sweatshirt $51 -
Jeffrey Campbell Zorro Cap Toe  $225 -


Rebecca Minkoff

Give Me the Library Top $35 -

Pieces Blue Funky Fox Jeggings  $26  -
Down Filled Coat With Padded Shoulders, Yellow  $132 -
Nine West Cosy  $109 -


Selected Nelly Trench $92 -
Wisteria Love Pencil Skirt  $37  -
Mia Limited Edition Venus  $80 -

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Accessory To Murder

Here At EVil TWin we definitely condone violence! Fashion Violence that is ... Hey a Girl Has to Protect Herself. We've all been there...In line Black Friday ..Stalker guy from facebook.....alone coming home a little tipsy, that walk from the car can be dangerous...or maybe this chick has spotted the last Leopard print pump with gold jewels that you've been searching for, for at least an hour because the bitch sales lady says she can't find the matching pair !!! OK OK OK ..::deep breaths::.. Evil Twin gets upset when she doesn't get what she wants. Next time ladies be prepared to kick some ass for what you want! These KILLER accessories will help....


1. Gold Claw Nail Ring £6.00 [$9.36]

2. Jeffrey Campbell - Adams Spike $150 -

3. This website is dedicated to all stylish Apple iPhone users who happened to have a cutting edge taste in fashion. $12.95

4.  Hand gun pin  $14.00

5. Christian Louboutin Marquise Spiked Leather Clutch
  Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1295.

6. Burberry spiked cuff

7. Vlieger Vandam’s Guardian Angel Gun Clutch $239 -

8. Dominic Jones claw ring 

 9. Ted Noten  handgun-shaped compacts  8,000 , - $17,000 euros 

10. flail clutch

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Neiman Marcus and Target Designer Callabo

Hello Ladies! So, if you're like us and love designer fashions but are on a recession budget, I know  you've drooled, coveted and then purchased some great pieces from Target's premier designer collections over the years. And I do say some because several have been kinda WTF, but the collaborations  for the most part have had many OMG moments over the years! Okay, so we know you've seen the  Target commercials that announce  a Neiman Marcus and Target partnership. Sorry, Fashionistas, don't go GAGA yet! These items are holiday gifts, items you can get for your label obsessed friends and family members, or even keep for yourself, because you know you want to!  Target's website describes it as follows:


Brian Atwood
Leather Gloves (sizes S/M-L/XL), $49.99

Alice + Olivia
luggage, $179.99
Vest (sizes XS-XL), $79.99

Marc Jacobs
Scarf, $69.99


Lela Rose
Top (sizes XS-XL), $69.99
Oscar de la Renta
Pet Collar and Leash, $39.99

Jason Wu
Girl’s Solid Dress (sizes 12M-5T), $59.99
 Check back soon for EVil TWin reviews of these products!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beat Face

Now EVil TWin loves make up just as much as the next Bad chick . the pure sexiness of black mascara, the fun of lip color, and just the right amount of blush to look flirty. Make up can set any outfit off ,but a bad face is just that, BAD! Nobody wants to see a Rupaul's drag race contestant sitting at the next cubicle, especially before their morning Joe. eek! Listen, if someone says "Girl your face is beat!" unless you just lost a fight don't be to quick to take that as a compliment. Keep it simple stupid! If it takes a hour to do, it's overdone. Ding! take that bird out the oven. This goes for those hideous fake lashes too. Your lashes shouldn't look like tarantulas glued to your eyelids with Elmer's glue.  So, ladies don't get caught out there with these make up atrocities..remember EVil TWin is watching ...
is that Blush or beat down?
Eye Shadow can go Cindy Lauper in an EVil minute!

Check out this killer clown
Nothing says self hatred like this one.Pick YOUR complexion ladies!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Party

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't you just love the holiday season? Its obviously the best time to shop! We've been prosing through dozens of our favorite online shopping sites like Forever 21, Asos and Urban Outfitters. (check those sites out ladies. They have great deals going on right now!) Its also the season for those infamous holiday office parties. And if you work in corporate America you can understand why these parties have gotten this infamous title. Its a chance for the boring suits to stay in the closet and that dress that shows off all your womanly parts that have been deemed inappropriate for the work place to be set free! now. It's a chance to see the personalities of your colleagues after a drink or 2 or 3 and if there's open bar maybe 4 or 5 bwahhhahhaa.

Ladies, now you know like everything else in fashion there is a wrong and right way to do things and office party is no exception. call it high school but nobody wants to be the worse dressed of the night. you know the office gossip will start with: Girl, did you see _______? and trust me, you don't want to fill that blank because gossip topics in the office tend to linger like bad oders if you know what I mean. Sooo if your still looking for that perfect look let us show you some good and of course some EVIL. don't get caught out there!

If it wrinkles easily, STAY AWAY! You'll be doing a lot of moving around
and you don't want your pics to look like poor child in this photo, smh.

For my big busty chicks, a bra is your friend.
Think of it as your Amex, never leave home without it!
Shoes off in the party is a huge NO-NO! eeewwww!

This pretty little metallic dress is a great option. The dark slate gray color gives it a bit of edge, minimum makeup keeps the look fresh.

A chic LBD is always a YES! It makes her legs and waist look
amazing the bib style necklace dresses it up and the small clutch completes the look.
Pants can also be a cool option. Remember to keep it chic, skinny legs and a heel will make your legs look just as long as leaving them bare.




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